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  Home of You Can Brew It! instructional programming and the Midnight Brewing Company (my home brewery)

                                                      Making Beer, Cider, and Mead at Home

If you are a fan of craft beer, hard cider, or mead and have always wondered about home brewing, this site is for you!  My name is Scott Pointon and though I am a librarian by day, my hobbies include woodworking, reading, travel, exploring gourmet food and drinks, and of course home brewing and enjoying craft beer! 
In 2010 my wife, who is also a librarian, asked me to put together an instructional program on home brewing beer and offer it at her library.  The program was a great success and it attracted many people to her library that may never have gone there otherwise - the very goal of library programs!  Since that time, I have developed more programs whose reputation have spread by word of mouth throughout the many libraries in Chicagoland, and I now offer my programs several times each month.  If you are interested in booking a program for your library / park district / senior center / or other venue you may contact me at spointon2002@yahoo.com.  You can also see a list of places where I have been and where I will soon be offering a You Can Brew It! program.   
To learn more about each program I offer, click on the relevant image below.  Please note, I also offer guided beer tasting programs too.  Ask me for details!