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                                                       An Introduction To Home Mead Making

The You Can Brew It - Mead program is about 1.5 hours in length (depending on questions from the audience).  It consists of a PowerPoint presentation and show-and-tell with the basic brewing equipment that attendees will need to make their brew own mead (honey wine).  No actual brewing occurs during the program, and there is no alcohol present, so there are no worries about the safety or legalities of offering this program. 

I cover the history of mead to give it some context, then discuss the styles of mead that can be made at home as well as the equipment, ingredients, and the basic steps of the brewing process.  This program is also full of advice for finding peer-to-peer help, resources, supplies, etc. 

If you are interested in bringing this program to your organization, you will simply need to provide a computer/laptop that can run a PowerPoint presentation, a projector, and a couple standard meeting room tables on which I can display my brewing equipment.

My fee for this program is $150 plus mileage.  I do not charge the IRS mileage rate, rather I calculate something closer to just what it will cost me for the gas to drive to and from your location.   For more information please contact me via email.